The best ways to Grow African American Natural Hair Long – The 4 Keys To Success

The best ways to Grow African American Natural Hair Long – The 4 Keys To Success

I never actually assumed concerning going all-natural until I began my quest for waist size hair. At the time I just intended to have unwinded waistline length hair, I attempted many methods to maintain my hair strong as well as for it to expand at it’s full possibility. Among these techniques was stretching my relaxer; December 2006 I extended my relaxer for 6 months. That was the longest that I had actually ever gone without a relaxer as well as my hair was not uncontrollable in any way. Actually I was obsessed with the appearance as well as look of my new development. I had hand in hair disorder. The thought of being all-natural captivated me. So I started my research. I was on every natural hair friendly board on the WWW as well as I would certainly stalk the hair albums of all-natural females. Then eventually I simply took the plunge …

” I’m going to go all-natural.”

I am 3 years in my all-natural hair trip as well as have bra-strap size hair.

It has actually not been a simple one at that and this will certainly be my third effort at it. I have actually found out a couple points that have permitted the change to be a great deal smoother and also simpler then my first and second attempt.

Water is your close friend: Water is the heaven of all creams. I wet my hair daily and it has been a life saver. Natural hair could obtain very completely dry and that my hair is colored triggers it to obtain even drier. My hair is never parched and also I’ve even observed boosted growth when using water to my hair daily.

Warmth is your opponent: Well not always your enemy, but excessive warm is bad– unwinded, transitioning, or natural. I choose not to use heat extra then once a week since I do not intend to shed my crinkle definition– by regularly applying it. As well as when I do make use of warmth, a warmth protectant is utilized previous to the iron touching my hair.

Protective Styling is queen: Safeguarding my hair through specific designs has helped my process considerably. I not need to fret concerning dealing with both or even more appearances or what I am mosting likely to do with my hair. Buns, pigtails, weaves, spins, twist outs, cornrows, wigs– are all examples of protective styles

Block the Haters Out: Do not share your natural journey with people who are mosting likely to inhibit you. No one has to know– except those that will certainly supply positive reinforcement. When I began my journey, I was fortunate to have helpful people like my mom that was all-natural at the how to grow relaxed hair time, so I never ever truly needed to take care of it in the house. However my (ex) man at the time was a various story. Excuse me?, exactly how does my hair impact your well being?